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syrian troops drive the rebels out of the capital suburbs of fierce fighting moves to aleppo the country's largest city and take a stronghold of president assad. status updates new findings reveal how government snooping means that's what you type and tweet on the internet social networks can and will be held against you plus. the desperation of the dairy farmers for poor old style of the north spectacular stunts aimed at highlighting how major food industry players are creating all of the profits from that project. international news and comment live from moscow this is all she was me you there
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should be our law thanks for joining it's fast syrian government forces claim to have regained control of damascus suburbs crushing the rebels was daring offensive of the country's capital since the arrest began and it's now the city of aleppo does bearing the brunt of the conflict with clashes between the army and opposition regions that running for several days. is a theory explains the shifting dynamics of the fighting. art she was one of the few if not the only four in the crew that was able to travel to the last in three months ago and from what we've seen there i can tell you that he's a very peculiar case for these whole syrian struggle no where you can see the convergence of the genuine democratic movement and pure criminal activity so vividly as in on one hand a leper is home to a major university so a lot of people you meet there are liberally minded intellectuals they oftentimes
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disagree with the policies of bashar assad many of them call on him to step down but at the same time they strongly object the use of kalashnikovs who are any political games they don't want democracy to be delivered through these very bloody conflicts through this very bloody struggle on the other hand aleppo is home to many militia groups this is probably because it's far more closer to the north and to the turkish border that is used to supply all those arms and in the letter you hear at a lot of stories a lot of cases of industrial terrorism where shops and factories for sat on fire simply because their owners refused to pay the so-called revolutionary tax that the free syrian army attempted to impose on local businesses there are also a lot of cases of kidnappings and those kidnappings are carried out not so much for political aims or goals but rather simply for ransom so it is indeed
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a very important strategic location for both the army and the opposition and the battle for aleppo will be very important in determining the balance of power of the distribution of forces in these seventeen month long syrian conflict. meanwhile the rebels themselves describe the offensive on aleppo as an operation to liberate the city but the editor of independent media channel syria tribune says that claim is a fanciful one. to liberate the city from its own people that's what we need actually so far for the past fifteen months and has shown nothing but great support to the syrian government to the president. this was manifested by huge rallies several times. the issue being the idea of the opposition shield repeatedly to demonstrate in the city to assure their their size in peaceful demonstrations or.
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battles they reverted to recruiting others from other areas and help them circulate the area in the countryside but not inside the city so far. and our correspondents on the ground in syria do their best inform you on what's really going on and the conflict torn country by their twitter feeds and our son a boy kerry is describing how they live and damascus is starting to gather back to normal but despite that still an impression that there are more tongues and taxes in the syrian capital so please follow hope first hand accounts and acts on a boycott underscore that. its.
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social networks like facebook and twitter see many users posting their entire lives online sharing stories and pictures as friends but it seems even the strictest online privacy settings are no match for the spying eyes of governments around the world from new york and he's wearing a fortnight explains. in the land of social media users tweet tag friend upload. and share information at any given moment in the land of the free what americans post online can and will be used against them. according to twitter of the nearly twelve hundred government requests for user data filed in the first half of this year nearly eighty percent came from the us government the micro message company says it complied with seventy five percent of user data washington
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requested social media in general twitter and facebook being prime examples of that are a part of an ever increasingly invasive police state in the united states it's it's not just about surveillance and about tracking and monitoring this is the way in which they're consolidating control in the past year u.s. judges have forced twitter to turn over private or deleted data on users as part of investigations related to wiki leaks or occupy wall street. the ruling according to reports allows prosecutors access to tweets and additional information stored by twitter including the e-mail and ip address of a user it's more about more than just invasion of privacy it's about destroying the concept of privacy online at a recent conference called how cars on planet earth former national security agent william binney detailed the demise of u.s. privacy protection which he says has been carried out by washington for more than
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a decade it must have been right for. more than a week after. they decided to begin to respond with this mini spent thirty seven years working for the n.s.a. before resigning to blow the whistle on what he calls the creation of an orwellian state your vote or for the areas. that we see that we think is. true that the you know. at the height of his career been east. served as technical director for n.s.a. s m group a branch that was reportedly responsible for eavesdropping on the world today he estimates that the n.s.a. has secretly compiled and stored more than twenty trillion files of e-mails phone calls and other data belonging to u.s. citizens when it comes to social media he says even users with the strictest security settings are not protected the reality of that is that that's not private
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at all if the companies don't have the government doesn't have it so either of them have it or they share with the unobstructed sharing of information is what's made half of billion people flock to social media sites like twitter but missing from the terms of agreement is the monitoring that can be taking place as citizens are bursting their short messages into the virtual world marina portnoy r.t. new york. this is all see on this plenty more to come this hour for you including a look at the devastating impacts how the breaks polar divide the separation takes servers and now the israelis sets himself on fire committing suicide and protested the high cost of living that his government's policy is class. and while the poor get more desperate the rich get richer the world's wealthiest people are reportedly hiding up to thirty two trillion dollars in offshore accounts
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all the details in the business bulletin tom that's. if they shoot something inappropriate for a public they can easily be. that is what. i wish she would never have but it has. you know for a t.v. camera becomes unnecessary what this is their own safety or foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave. and the spear. was such a witness it. i got him on my side. oh boy. mercer's shooting.
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wealthy british style. but i'd like to go. to. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines cars a report on our.
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welcome back scenes of violence have become common for death rate in europe where the anger is spilling onto the streets but now it's milk that's being spilled at toxic by a solemn as desperate to draw attention to their cause and that doing it right outside the european parliament to make their point is testosterone and now reports . milk farmers have sprayed their fields with millions of readers of milk in protest stormed any peace in strasbourg. that year after year they feel sometimes their voices are not heard when those policies are to their disadvantage and therefore they feel they have no choice but to take their voices all the way to brussels. quite literally as hundreds of farmers from across europe tractors and cow statues until just against dropping milk prices and were lobbying lawmakers to take their interests into account in reforming policy yeah that's
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probably the supermarkets that. are saying. the price will be it's the big supermarket chains one day banking and energy giants the next day well critics say those who end up getting their way the end are almost always the big guys with deep park. commission as a whole consults much more with big corporate interests. than with all other kinds of interests in society believes through very unbalanced decisions that are not serving the public interest in a recent report found that in the e.u. commission straight enterprise department expert groups that give crucial policy shaping advice are made up mainly of corporate representatives while farmers for example have a tiny zero point one percent share of the voice. and they hope this adds a bit of volume to their cause in the moccasin it's always
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a good idea. whatever a proposal you have to come to brussels and to organize a protest if you if you do it of course in a peaceful way but instead the sign of democratic health but one of the biggest corporate lobbies in the e.u. finds no fault in business as usual a decision or a legislation or a policy which is sort of biased black or white into either totally environmental or totally corporate interests it's not exist yet these people would certainly disagree they say in the end it's hardly ever the people who persistently take to the streets that run the real show. does or so your r.t. brussels. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world. a wave of lost in and outside baghdad has left at least eighty two people dead and the latest violence gunmen killed thirteen soldiers at
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a military base exploding cars and roadside bombs in several cities outside the capital claims the lives of fifty five people that tonks target had mostly military forces it's only a day after the new leader of al qaeda in iraq posted an already on message warning of resurgence and more attacks to come. in the. you are us to police officers have been placed on paid leave over that alleged role in the fatal shooting on the local chief of police the reason of the shooting is under investigation incidentally led to violent clashes between officers and enraged the witnesses who stormed the police department on sunday. have been protests in japan against the arrival of osprey a hybrid aircraft a local u.s. marine base is again provokes tension over the u.s. military presence in the country the osprey has suffered a number of crashes raising concerns over its safety record surveys have shown that
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seventy one percent of people in the okinawa prefecture are opposed to the u.s. military base. and don't forget all the stories we're covering here are also available as a whole and there's always plenty more also you online like a story with a happy landing find out how the pilot of an american at sixteen fighter jets successfully attracted ride before the aircraft hit the waters of the pacific near russia's correll islands. and also that had no no big bottles in the big apple new york's malaise calling for binding this sale of soda drinks and large containers but he's team kirby's trying to prove the move could violate consumers' rights his program is all right for you. good leverage your. need to build a bridge most sophisticated which all it really does you can do with doing about
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anything. really shouldn't be why you should care about you and. this is why you should want your only job. wealthy british style. but i'd like to go. to.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. line. would be soon which brightened a few. songs from fans to pressure. me to start on t.v. dot com.
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let's move on now i will try using all my veteran and social justice protests to has set himself a light and a zero as the second such incident and attend in a week with the previous one coinciding with mass rallies against the government policies and. has a public housing activist on the regular demonstrations says the leadership is ignoring its citizens cries for help. i think what people are feeling is despair and this is what people are trying to say to our government people are dying here every week people are committing suicide they do it in their homes they're doing it far away from our eyes but this happens here all the time people are not dying here of hunger but they are dying of despair. throughout his political career has always had a new liberal economic view which is pro privatization which is the whole
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idea is that poor people have to handle themselves. and this is what we have seen and throughout his career so i am not surprised that binyamin netanyahu is not answering us very quickly i am surprised that our minister of housing does not understand that either he gives real solutions to people or he should resign from this government. and. focus is shifting from social turmoil to political problems and these are all with the conflicts that's lasted for decades debated and people have else crosstalk. i palestinian my parents were born there my grandparents are buried there my great grandparents are buried there i would like you to tell me why you a new york born white jewish man with no apparent. personal family ties beginning with your parents and going for why do you feel you
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have more rights than i do to live in that land or my parents who can't even step foot there. just answer that question. one. time does not touch his hand next with the business news now please leave the way. well absolutely i have a story for you the world's super rich hiding up to thirty two trillion dollars in offshore havens according to a report by a former mckenzie economist that's the size of the u.s. and china economies combined it also implies that the unpaid tax revenues of up to two hundred eighty billion dollars according to a study russia alone lost eight hundred billion dollars to offshores since the early ninety's and let's now check out the equity markets to see what's going on there first a look at asia where trade is coming to an end this pretty much
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a sea of red across the board there and mainly on bad news about to europe on sunday the german press reported that the i.m.f. may hold payments to greece as its austerity program is proving ineffective to use nikky. closed almost two percent down and banks are really pushing their hand saying down more than three percent speaking of banks j.p. morgan c.e.o. jamie diamond has bought the bank's stock worth about seventeen million dollars he hopes this will convince investors that the world crisis is coming to an end j.p. morgan has lost around seven billion dollars last year but managed to push the five billion dollars profit in the second quarter and now moving on to the currency market at the moment of course all the bad news is bringing the euro down and it's losing value against the u.s. dollar the russian ruble is also shedding too that currency basket to both the euro and the dollar and moving out onto. by the way it's speaking of the
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currencies the important thing to mention is that the euro is actually trading at eleven year low. against the japanese yen and that's following spain valencia region asking madrid for financial help that's of course. bringing investors to to their fears that the the european crisis is deepening and investors are leaving a risky assets behind really fleeing the risky assets including all the emerging markets china russia and latin america eighty one million dollars have left funds that are investing in russia last week we're seeing capital outflow for the third straight month here in russia it's pretty much also a sea of red the r.t.s. is shedding more than two and a half percent the biggest movers on the my six including the t.v. it's shedding value despite some pretty good news this morning italy's banks will lend the t.v. two hundred seventy million euro to renovate sports infrastructure in moscow the
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deal was signed this morning during italy's prime minister mario monti's visit to the russian capital rules and italy's kid going to renovate a sold for a plant in russia's far north and rosneft italy's and he have warned about the financial details of their deal to develop boiled first serves in the black and the barents sea now speaking of oil proved futures slide to roughly two and a half dollars for both the w t r and brown per barrel this monday afternoon against those european concerns immediately to blame traders worry that china the world's second largest economy is really slowing down and that is going to bring down the demand for energy staying with the energy sector b.p. wants its russia joint venture t.n.t. b.p. to pay up to one billion dollars in dividends the idea surface that the first board meeting in more than six months the meeting in february and may did not have the
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warm so they left the shareholders with no regular payments the proposed dividends would now b.p. five hundred million dollar. hours. soybean and corn futures and the last weekend of record highs all because of that drought in the united states that really devastated the crops the organization for economic development says higher food prices are here to stay regardless of the weather in fact you get expect to pay twenty percent more for your average meal over the next decade economists say boosting productivity is the only solution artie's homework has been figuring out how to achieve this. we're talking about the future of food so what precisely have i decided to come to a chicken farm if you want an insight into the future of food in the coming decades you could do a lot worse and come to a place like this the o.e.c.d. and the food and agriculture organization have published an outlook of the future of the world food market in the next ten years the main themes of that report
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supply and demand sounds boring but both of those on the go major changes first of all demand the world's population is still increasing combine that with the vast increases in wealth in the developing world people across asia and elsewhere want more food and more meat in their diets because they can afford it that's where chicken comes in it's easy to produce in vost quantities and a lot of efficiency has gone into it that means that it's going to make up a lot more of people's diets up to perhaps thirty percent along with other food sources that people want more of going on to supply there simply isn't enough land in the world anymore that means people are going to have to increase productivity on the land that already exists the overall conclusions of the reports are that the demand for higher quality food more meter things in people's diets means that it's simply going to have to get more expensive. while of course food is indeed going to
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get more expensive so i propose a solution eat a lot less and that's the latest from the business desk i'll be back in fifteen minutes see them slowly tighten our belts and start keeping freight at last thank you very much in our back with a recap of our headlines in just a couple of minutes. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official ante up location on the phone called touch from the top story . watch on t.v. life on the go. video on demand ati's mine gold coast's an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com wealthy british style. that's not on the title.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the. financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r g . i've. come easy to. see he.
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